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Let’s start from the concept that each and everyone of use are different. Completely different. What works for me could not work for you! Enough said, there are some things that you absolutely need if you want to blog throughout the day!

Blogging inspiration can catch you any time, so you better be prepared!





This is pretty much obvious: it’s the first blogger’s tool, and it has to be a laptop because you have to be able to carry it wherever you go! What if you have to leave town for a month? What if you have to move? It’s easier, more comfortable and you can blog from your sofa, which is always nice (not for your back, tell it to my cervical!) And of course you can blog from many places, like I  told in this comprehensive post before!




This can or cannot be a reflex, but you must own a digital camera for your joyrides around! How could you prove that awesome vintage market you’ve been at, or that independent designer’s catwalk? And of course, if you want to post your outfit on your blog, you can’t live without a camera.



Ok, you don’t have to own a proper Moleskine: any pocket diary will do! I always carry around a pocket diary and a pen, because as I said before, you never know when inspiration is hitting you! It’s an unpredictable little beast, you know!




With a camera in it, possibly! If you’re a blogger you know how important is social network’s content! You can’t definitely use Twitter or Facebook without a smartphone and an integrated camera! It’s nice sharing when you’re doing shopping, or how are you feeling in that moment, it keeps you connected with your readers, so go for a smartphone and you won’t regret it!



You can never lack any of these! They’re a great source of inspiration, they get you to know the lates trends, and first of all they help you with your writing style!



Ok, this one is for non-English speaking people, like me! I always always always double-check words that I’m not sure about, and I’m always looking for the best ways to express concepts on this site! It’s the best site out there, with many members and the best definitions!




Now, how could you be a cool-enigmatic-diva-vip like person if you don’t own a pair of sunglasses? Yes this is for real, but not for these stupid reasons! It is why being a blogger and working with images mostly, I have to observe people. Which often brings people to the strong feeling of beating me up because I’m staring at them. So, sunglasses are a good idea to avoid disputes when you’re around looking for inspiration!


What are the bare essentials for you to blog? I’m very curious about other’s wy of working!

Take a look at what other bloggers find useful here at IFB Project #10: Bloggers Tool Kit!

9 thoughts on “Tools of the trade: what you need to blog round the clock!

  1. ce l’ho ce l’ho, manca, ce l’ho ahah ho fatto così per 5min leggendo questo post :D
    In genere, almeno per ora, mi bastano, in ordine di importanza:
    -il mio portatile con la connessione illimitata (grazie wi-fi di casa <3)
    -tonnellate di riviste di moda&co
    -il cellulare per appuntare ispirazioni o idee mentre sono in giro
    -la digitale (una reflex con le mie scarse capacità di fotografa è uno spreco e ne sono coscente!)

    :D ma poi alla fine io sono una blogger atipica, forse non sono neppure una vera blogger perchè scrivo per me, ho un blog solo per poter seguire e leggere quelli degli altri, per arricchirmi.
    Uso il blog come un mezzo e non un fine :)

    1. Hahah! Scusa se rispondo solo adesso ma sono in vacanzaaa! Comunque direi che hai tutto quello che ti serve! XD io sono un po viziata e mi circondo di qualsiasi cosa, se poi è inutile ancora meglio haha! Un bacio cara passa presto! :D

  2. I agree with all of these! But I’ve never been on Word Reference before but am clicking on that website immediately after writing this comment xx

  3. I am poor so I can’t afford a smartphone. I have to make due with pen and paper for thoughts and info, and a regular camera. I have everything else, though. Laptops are a must – and your back and neck will be better if you sit in a reclining chair.
    I’m wondering if anyone approaches other people with great outfits and asks to take their picture. Do you?

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