Stop hiding, start blogging! Step out of your shadow now.

confidence 300x237 Stop hiding, start blogging! Step out of your shadow now. I’ve spent several years of my life keeping my mouth shut, because I was scared of being wrong. Of course, I was right most of the times but I couldn’t speak my mind because I was never sure about my ideas.

When I grew up, I learned to speak my mind in brief, sharp comments. This made me popular between my friends, I was the “she never talks but beware when she does” one. I liked it that way, so I started to become more confident.

What helped me become more confident?

  1. “Blah blah blah people” : Actually, having around people that talked way too much without really saying anything helped a lot! I learned from my mistakes, and I learned from their mistakes.
  2. The internet: It played a great role in this evolution; it taught me how to speak my mind, when to and why. I learned when it was worth it and when it was better to leave things and don’t worrying about them.
  3. Blogging: here comes the blogging, and it saved my life! Being a blogger is helpful from every angle you look at it. It helps you with shyness, with self-confidence and with your writing style. And of course, if you write better you’ll speak better! For me, it also helped with laziness: to write interesting stuff you need to constantly look for infos, to go out, to watch stuff, to talk to people.

free Stop hiding, start blogging! Step out of your shadow now.

I feel there’s still a lot for me to learn, though! I still feel uneasy when I’m in front of people more experienced than me, or people that I think could judge me someway.

I’m still not completely comfortable in showing myself on the internet, or sometimes even on the streets (this happens every other day).

What do you feel is stopping you from completely expressing yourself in front of other people?

For me, I think it’s failure. If that’s your problem,too, I’d like to share a MANTRA:


What are your thoughts about this topic? It would be really helpful talking each other about it!

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