How to Sew your Diy Beanie Hat

Beanie Hat Diy Tutorial: make it the right shape!

slouchy beanie hat diy tutorial how to sew your beanie How to Sew your Diy Beanie Hat

Have you ever struggled to find the right shaped beanie hat? I always do that: I own dozens of them, but I still haven’t found the right shaped beanie. There was only one I truly loved in my life: it was an H&M cotton striped beanie hat, bought somewhere in Europe I don’t remember where. It  was the perfect size, shape and material. I lost it, of course.
So, since winter is coming again (has it really ever gone away in this freezeing country England is?) I’m trying to do it myself.

Recycling an old sweater

What I did was basically using an old sweater I wasn’t wearing anymore. It’s oh-so-easy, here are the steps to follow:

slouchy+hat+tutorial1 How to Sew your Diy Beanie Hat

1. Find a beanie hat you like, or maybe one that is almost the right shape: now take a piece of paper and put it under the beanie, which has to be vertically folded in two.

2. Now trace your perfect hat shape, keep in mind it’s just 1/4 of it. Make it longer if yours is too short, make it wider if it’s too tight on your head. Build your perfect shape! Cut it out, this is your quarter of beanie!
3. Fold your sweater in 4, narrow almost exactly like your pattern: leave one inch (1.5 cm) on each side.
4. Put your pattern on the sweater: it’s important that the sides of your hat are lined up with the folded sides of your sweater/fabric.

how+to+beanie+hat2 How to Sew your Diy Beanie Hat
5. Now, cut! But be careful, only cut the base, and 2/4 and a half from the top of your hat (ok watching at the picture will help your on this one) and alway allow one inch (1.5 cm) for the seams. Maybe leave double this measure on the bottom cause this will be your hat’s hem.
6. You have your beanie! Now fold your base to make your border, and sew it.
7. Time to “close” your hat! Sew one quarter at a time, inside out as you would usually do.

beanie hat tutorial sewing diy 4 How to Sew your Diy Beanie Hat
8. Done! Now try it on, and if it’s still not the right shape, try again next time! Practice makes perfect!

This is a very basic tutorial, but think about what you can do! You can add decorations, studs, use different fabrics, double your fabric and wear it inside out, add fur to it, pom-poms and the list goes on! Be creative!

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