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Last weekend I had the chance to pop in at the London Edge trade exhibition, the only alternative fashion trade show for buyers at the moment in Europe. This event is one of a kind, it gathers all the big players in the scene (Iron Fist, Collectif, Sourpuss Clothing, Queen of Darkness, Pleaser/Demonia, TUK, Hell Bunny, Too Fast Clothing and so on!) and the smaller ones who I’m sure will be big one day (Kill Star, Hades, Extreme Largeness).

Lots of pictures behind the cut!

Unfortunately I could only go on Sunday because of work commitments, but it was such a breath of fresh air in these grey days! For me it’s been like going back straight into my 20s when I was clubbing hard, much more into gothic/punk/80s/rainbow clothing and lifestyle, and I had much more fun that I have today!

Well, putting nostalgia aside, I can say that we can expect awesome from the alternative fashion world this season! I was particularly astounded by Iron Fist, Too Fast and TUK. More prints, more shoes, bags like works of art and a lot of creativity!

The general feeling was awesome as well: everyone seemed to know each other (and they probably do, since the show takes place twice a year and it’s been on for 11 years now). Everyone is very nice, and even if you are not a buyer (we had a “Press” badge; everyone knows who’s who cause everyone’s got a pass. And the buyers who are there to place orders are usually more welcome than others!) people are nice to you: everyone was nice to us, and that’s amazing. Even if everyone thought we were from Bizarre Magazine cause styleBizarre was written in the “wrong” way, as if it was 2 words Style Bizarre haha! Thank god I’ve got nothing to do with that magazine, I managed to read an issue and half of it made want to be sick,  the other half was actually very nice, but it’s way too gross for me!

By the way, that’s what I love about alternative fashion: it is, and has to be, democratic. People are friendly, no one has to go anywhere near the snob attitude that too often is typical of the fashion world. Everyone has something to learn, and you never know who you’re going to get it from. So don’t be snobbish! We need to keep this scene rolling on how it is, and don’t let the *mainstream* attitude ruin it. Be nice to everyone and everyone will be nice to you!

You can find more pictures of performances, stalls and the general show on Marcus T Photography Facebook Page! Thank you to Burcin for the pictures I’m in and the huge shoe 😉

Are you curious to see some pictures of my raging *gothic* years? I sure want to see yours, link them below if you have some “coming out of the closet” posts! 😀

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8 thoughts on “LondonEdge: the Alternative Fashion Mecca

  1. I like the magazine, I just don’t like when they feature dead bodies, smashed human skulls and blood everywhere for no reason! XD I love all the rest!

  2. I would be interested in those pink boots if only the platform was half the size, uhm…
    It sounds like you had a blast! And I love how your t-shirt says “Berlin” in it. :-)

    I am also liking the look of that hacked skull t-shirt that is featured in a couple of shots! I have a Tool t-shirt that is slightly too big for me and is in need of re-styling. Maybe I’ll do something similar to it…

  3. Haha my t-shirt says Berlin on it cause I got it in Berlin! XD It was a nice stall in that famous market in that park where they also sell used bikes and lots of stuff I can’t remember the name! :/ It’s a big big park!

  4. Hmmm… that sounds like Mauerpark Fleamarket to me. I like that market because one can find little cool, unique and cute things cheaper than in shops. Also, the neighboring area (around Eberswalder Strasse station) is overflowing with coffee places, quirky shops and stylish people! (a bit touristy, though). However, Mauerpark usually gets so crowded it gives me a headache, these days I prefer going south to Boxhagener Platz’s fleamarket (altough that one is getting crowded now as well).

    Anyway… I’m already looking forward to the summer! Have a nice weekend, Elisa.

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