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We used to think that the énfants terribles were Galliano, Westwood, Gaultier. Now, we have to think again. Very few are left in the fashion panorama that can be funny without being extremely tacky or a bit (yeah, I’ll say it) not talented. For example, Betsey Johnson is very playful with her outfits, and so was her last catwalk. But it’s nothing really special, if you know what I mean.

I was lurking through NowFashion and one of the very few that made me smile was him. It’s always him. Jeremy Scott!

His catwalk swarms with fake fur, and i bet you’ve never seen that kind of stuff, not even in Monster&Co! Zombie patterns straight from Iron Fist imaginarium (you know, the alternative brand I talked about here!). Neon green, pink and yellow: even Slimer from the Ghostbusters is jealous! And last but not least, the ever green Adidas logo. This collaboration will probably never end!

Jeremy Scott Fall Winter 2013/2014

Watch the whole show on NowFashion or


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3 thoughts on “NYFW Bizarre Highlight: the Enfants Terribles are Back

  1. I was never a fan of Betsey Johnson. The style reminds me too much of John Waters and the pink flamingo/hon Baltimore scene (where I live). I love John Waters and Baltimore, but I wouldn’t wear the two if they were clothing=Betsey Johnson. I do what you mean by nothing special. It’s not like the looks are anything to be wowed about (no special cuts, just sloppily done), but they are quirky and playful. For some reason Jeremy Scott reminds me of Roald Dahl, which I just love.

  2. I love Roald Dahl as well! I read all his books when I was a child, and many times each! It really made me dream! So maybe that’s the connection haha!

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