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February 13, 2013

Yo-landi is the female lead vocals of the controversial band Die Antwoord, from Cape Town. She is about 30 years old (nobody is really sure, look at her, how can you tell?) she has a daughter called Sixteen Jones, and rumours say she’s married to Ninja, Die Antwoord’s male vocalist.

What is Yolandi Visser style?

The style she refers to is ZEF. What the hell is ZEF? From the very own ZEF style icons words:

It is also not typical of the poorest classes of the society, but rather a mostly white, lower-middle class is subculture, albeit one that glorifies cheap stuff. Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord is quoted as saying, “It’s associated with people who soup their cars up and rock gold and shit. Zef is, you’re poor but you’re fancy. You’re poor but you’re sexy, you’ve got style.”

So it basically is a mix of a British chav, Nicki Minaj and a 90s nostalgia attitude. Topped up with a generous sprinkle of trash.

Yolandi Visser Style Die Antwoord

Obviously this style has really nothing to do with poverty or any kind of anti-fashion status, although this is what you get from their songs or general attitude. Yo-Landi even co-worked at the “T by Alexander Wang” sportswear line with lyrics and prints. Here’s the campaign video:

I love her extraterrestrial look, I believe she descended on Earth to teach us a whole new way of being vulgar, cute, stylish and extremely creepy at the same time. I love her super short bangs, her almost-white hair colour and the way she rocks black demon eyes. I mean, who could rule all these things together and still look aesthetically coherent? I also really like the band and I’ve seen them in concert twice already. They’re really fun!

How to be stylish like Yo-Landi

How to get Yo-Landi Vi$$er look? That’s not easy! First of all mother nature should already have given you an eternal teenager look, which is extremely rare. Second, you need to be shameless. Totally. And you need to be ready to be accused of tackiness. Like ZEF’s lifestyle supporters say, “it takes guts”. Are you ready? Read on!

Hair – Get your hands on some proper hair bleaching products and a pair of scissors! You may want to go to a hairdresser before you damage your hair forever. But if you are in a “do-it-yourself” mood, these couple of tutorials could help you: How to bleach your hairHow to go from no bangs to bangs!

Yolandi Visser Style Die Antwoord

Make-up – Well Yo-Landi doesn’t wear so much make-up, cause it would ruin her pre-adolescent look. So basically what she does is helping her face looking more pale than it is, weirder, and more intriguing. The black contact lenses: this is probably the weirdest and characteristic thing she wears, you can buy them here. I found a tutorial for you to get the weird bleached eyebrows thing as well: She’s lovely, she bleaches her eyebrows and she’s rocking a super short Yolandi-like fringe! You can help the weird look by using a white mascara as well. Being an albino would help a lot with this from-another-planet look, but you can customize your Yo-Landi look and avoid being just a copycat. You can have your own alien ZEF style!

Clothing – Finally! Having the Yo-Landi X factor is actually quite easy: the less fabric she’s wearing, the more happy she is! I’m joking (am I?) but she does love a cropped t-shirt and some bright denim shorts!

Shopping Tips to rock your Yo-landi look right now

Colourful Watches: Yo-Landi signature accessories. Mix&match many watches together, the more the better.

 Yolandi Visser Style Die AntwoordYolandi Visser Style Die AntwoordYolandi Visser Style Die Antwoord  Yolandi Visser Style Die Antwoord

Adidas Santiago Pink WatchCasio Digital Pink WatchSilicon Stretch Band Yellow WatchShark Tide Blue Watch

Yolandi Visser Style Die AntwoordYolandi Visser Style Die AntwoordYolandi Visser Style Die Antwoord  Yolandi Visser Style Die Antwoord

Malibu Barbae Pink ShortsMamadou Sport ShortsYellow Smiley ShortsMalibu Barbae Purple Shorts

Plenty of crop tops to choose from  – Gloomy Bear Onesie – Cute Zebra Onesie –Kigu Pink Rabbit Onesie

What do you think of Yolandi style? How do you channel your inner albino girl in your everyday life? Let us know in a comment below!

Photo Credits: Eli Watson | Vark1 | Shane Hirschman 

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the white cabbage

interesting and liveky


the white cabbage

interesting and lively


Violetta Stelenes

Wow! Thank you for introducing me to Yolandi’s fascinating weirdness… looking at past pictures of her (when she looked more like a normal person), it’s incredible how much “star quality” she gained by bleaching her eyebrows and getting that long, extreme haircut.

Everytime I go to the hairdresser, I always toy with the idea of getting something really bold, edgy and undeniably head-turning! However, I always talk myself out of the idea of getting a crazy haircut with the following (bullshit) arguments:
1) People tend to look prettier with more conventional hairstyles (of course this is very debatable).
2) If you shave or cut parts of your hair very short, and you decide to change your haircut afterwards, you will have to go through those f’ing awkward intermediate growth stages that don’t look glamorous at all.
3) If I got a crazy, asymmetrical or extreme haircut (like Yolandi’s, or Rooney Mara’s in TGWTDT), I would limit my hairstyle options A LOT. This last reason is obviously bullshit due to my current hairstyle selection usually being limited to ponitails and just wearing my hair down. Oh, well.


The first time I saw Die Antwoord videos was at uni last year. We all thought Yolandi was totally unlike anything we’d ever seen before. I don’t think the music is that great, but fashion definitely needs more people like her.

Alma Rós

I love Yo-Landy’s hair & her gorgeous stile. 😉 She’s so freaking Qt & awesome karacter <3


    Oooh we do as well! She’s such a cutie and with so much strength!


do you know, please, if exist wig, look like a yolandi’s hair?? :)


Does anyone know where I could get her shoes from the “baby’s on fire video”? They’re like a pastel blue tennis shoe that almost look plastic


    They are TK society high tops blue/pink


      Oh wow thank you Chloe! Too bad they’re real leather. :(


Yeah. search Die Antwoord wardrobe. Then find something that says Chappie Fashion Items Identified. The website should be StyleFrizz.

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