Get the Style of Yo-landi Vi$$er

Yo-landi is the female leader of the controversial Cape Town band Die Antwoord. She is about 30 years old (nobody is really sure, look at her, how can you tell??), she has a daughter called Sixteen Jones, and rumours say she’s married to Ninja, the male leader of Die Antwoord.

yolandi visser yo landi die antwoord style zef copy Get the Style of Yo landi Vi$$er What is Yolandi Visser style?

The style she refers to is ZEF. What the hell is ZEF? From the very own ZEF style icons words:

” It is also not typical of the poorest classes of the society, but rather a mostly white, lower-middle class is subculture, albeit one that glorifies cheap stuff. Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord is quoted as saying, “It’s associated with people who soup their cars up and rock gold and shit. Zef is, you’re poor but you’re fancy. You’re poor but you’re sexy, you’ve got style.” “

So it basically is a mix of a British chav, Nicki Minaj and a 90s nostalgia attitude. Topped up with a generous sprinkle of trash.

Obviously this style has really nothing to do with poverty (do you recognize the black human hair garments in this video? No? Alexander Wang anyone? And what about this Versace campaign?) or any kind of anti-fashion status, although this is what you get from their songs or general attitude. Yo-Landi even co-worked at the “T by Alexander Wang” sportswear line with lyrics and prints. Here’s the campaign video:

I’m not going on with this ethical issue, but you got the point.
I love her extraterrestrial look, I believe she descended on Earth to teach us a whole new way of being vulgar, cute, stylish and extremely creepy at the same time.
I love her super short bangs, her almost-white hair colour and the way she rocks black demon eyes. I mean, who could rule all these things together and still look aesthetically coherent?

yolandi yo landi visser vier die antwoord style cute teenager colourful zef1 Get the Style of Yo landi Vi$$er

How to be stylish like Yo-Landi

How to get Yo-Landi Vi$$er look? Mmmh that’s not easy my friends! First of all mother nature should already have given you an eternal teenager look, which is extremely rare. Second, you need to be shameless. Totally. And you need to be ready to be accused of tackiness. Like ZEF’s lifestyle supporters say, “it takes guts”. Are you ready? Yes? Read on!

yolandi fucking visser yo landi vier style style dress like yolandi Get the Style of Yo landi Vi$$er

yolandi style fucking visser die antwoord zef Get the Style of Yo landi Vi$$er

  • Clothing – Finally! Having the Yo-Landi x factor is actually quite easy: the less fabric she’s wearing, the more happy she is! I’m joking (oh well) but she does love a cropped t-shirt and some bright denim shorts!

Shopping Tips to rock your Yo-landi look right now!

adidas santiago colourful neon colours watch yolandi Get the Style of Yo landi Vi$$er

In the picture you can see the new Adidas Santiago Collection. Cheaper version of this colorful watch can be found almost everywhere: pink plastic cool watch and this one comes in every colour,

yolandi lamè leggings denim shorts bright colours neon Get the Style of Yo landi Vi$$er

Hot pink denim shortsGreen denim shorts - Shiny leggings 

onesie crop top tshirts yolandi visser style how to Get the Style of Yo landi Vi$$er

Plenty of crop tops to choose from  - Asos Onesies: Cute pink Rabbit, monkey onesie, panda onesie and more animals!

die antwoord ninja and yolandi visser copy Get the Style of Yo landi Vi$$er

What do you think of Yolandi style? I warmly invite you to watch some videos to have an idea of what I’m talking about: Baby’s on Fire, Fatty Boom Boom, and this brilliant short film. What is she wearing? This amazing Gloomy Bear Onesie!

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