Bodycon Is For Everyone

We must say that fashion knows a thing or two when it comes to re-branding things to start selling them again. After a long dark era of over sized sweaters, t-shirts, jumpers, coats and vests to hide our curves, here come the bodycon dresses.

DSC 5660 Bodycon Is For Everyone

Yeah, I know, I might be a bit late on the trend, but if you follow this blog you may already know I’m not always in step with the times. Sometimes I go slower, sometimes I run too fast. But anyway, I kind of love this new democratic take on women’s body. Yeah, yeah I know that we only see super-models size 6 rocking those super tight dresses (oh, didn’t I explained it yet? Bodycon dresses = super tight dresses. That’s it. Yes, that’s really it.) but I’m feeling positive about the trend. Especially because I noticed that wearing that kind of dress made me discover my body all over again.

DSC 5614 Bodycon Is For Everyone

I was badly hit by the oversize trend and took comfort in it… maybe a bit too much. The result was that I lost some vital connection with my body shape, and lost track of any weight gain or loss, or any other change. So, I think that Her Majesty The Fashion got it right this time, and this trend will help people reconnecting with their own bodies.

DSC 5643 Bodycon Is For Everyone

Get the Look

Long Maxi Tight Jersey Grey Dress $ 46 – Black Fleece Fake-Fur-Like Coat/Hoodie £ 18 – Oversized Black Cardigan $ 86 – Ankle Black Booties $ 78 – Make-Up Illamasqua Neutral Palette, Rich Liquid Foundation, Compact Powder – Jersey + Chains Necklace Handmade by Burcinislate

All photos by Burcinislate, Adobe Ps by me

Bonus Picture: London from Above

DSC 5748 Bodycon Is For Everyone

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