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Get the Daenerys Targaryen look! What? It’s a fictional character, and it’s from a fantasy medieval tv show? So what? I’m having a geeky moment, and I know you want to look like Emilia Clarke playing the last of Targaryen dynasty. Besides, I don’t want you to be a awkward Daenerys Targaryen cosplay, but stealing some details would give you a lot of charm! P.S.: Only one episode left! Argh!

daenerys targaryen look

Daenerys Targaryen Look

No, you can never achieve this without ruining them to death, or wearing a wig as the actress does in Game of Thrones! (yeah I know, right? It totally looks like real hair!) Anyway, you can always style your own hair in the way she does, with the Dothraki style. You can wear a big braid like in the Khal Drogo funeral pyre scene, or wearing loose hair with two small braids on top of her head like she usually does. She actually changes her hair quite often while sticking to the same general style: here is the tutorial with four small braids, or another simple one.


She’s a warrior and she’s never wearing much make up, so I’d suggest a neutral palette and a nude lipstick to get the real Daenerys Targaryen look! This is the Illamasqua neutral palette that I use, but I feel like it’s a bit too dark for a Daenerys look, even though that’s because she’s blonde: it works perfectly with dark hair and I love it, it’s amazing!


Belts, epaulettes, bracelets, collars, claws: nothing is more up-to-date than this! So bring the wild on and show us your claws!

 daenerys targaryen look

Silver Chevron Plates NecklaceResin Triangles Necklace - Claws NecklaceGolden Multiple Chains Necklace –  Double Claw with Bronze ChainBird Claws on Clear GemSingle Metal Black ClawSimple Double Black Claw

daenerys-targaryen-look copy

Black Belt with Wings and ChainBlack wide waist beltGold plate beltBody Chain HarnessPeplum beige beltSilver plate elastic belt –  Black cut work belt

Warrior Dresses

Even though she is a kalheesi which is not quite the same thing as a princess, she’s pretty much wearing awesome dresses all the time. And we love the costume designer for that. Rock one of these dresses to get the Daenerys Targaryen look!

Daenerys Targaryen Look

Green Cut Out Petite DressColourful Ombre Amazing DressOmbre Maxi Dress Black&WhiteOne Shoulder Grecian Gown –  Beautiful Turquoise Tones Ombre Maxi Dress –  Grecian White Maxi Dress – Unif Harness Short Dress

Kalheesi Fail

She usually looks awesome, but what was the costume designer thinking when he dressed her like this?

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7 thoughts on “Get the Style of: Daenerys Targaryen

  1. Thanks Lexi! She’s totally my fave as well but don’t say it loud cause George Martin will kill her as well if he knows we love her so much! XD

  2. Fucking seriously??? Oh please, could you find a few more overpriced ludicrously expensive options for $8 worth of fabric and maybe, at absolute most, $25 of quality seamstress work? Fuck me!! I love this lineup of dresses and the idea of dressing similarly to Danaerys but good God woman…SO glad my mother and I are seamstresses!! Those designers should be beaten for those prices. Seriously!! Elitist motherfucking bitches…

  3. I know F R Y Arti! I’ll try to find cheaper ones next time! It’s just that beautiful things are often more expensive, and the cost is not always about quality unfortunaley! It is too often about brand, names and status! Don’t get so mad, though. You can sew and you can make the dresses yourself, be happy about it! And show us, we love creative people here! :D

  4. The horrible costume was because they has to hide her fake baby bump. Wasn’t one of her best looks but better than showing off a bump that wasn’t there

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