Personal Fashion Blogs: How Much is Too Much?

 How many times have you heard that “exposing” yourself on the internet will make people relate to you, and therefore will secure you a wider following for your personal fashion blog? How many times have you heard that vulnerability makes you a better blogger? How many bloggers with thousands of daily visits do you know that share every move they make, every food they eat, every shoe they wear? Tons. So, is making your private public the way to go? How much is too much?

Personal Fashion Blogs: Balance is the Secret

Like everything in our lives, balance is the secret. I am not one of those crazy-sharing bloggers, but I shared some personal infos here and there.
I am occasionally sharing some parts of my life, but you don’t know exactly what’s going on and I like it like that. You know that I lived in London for almost 2 years and that now I’m back, but you don’t know why and every little thing I went through.

taking photos canon dlsr camera bed girl picture photo pic Personal Fashion Blogs: How Much is Too Much?
This is why I don’t get people complaining about cyber bullies and haters when they share pictures of themselves in bed with their boyfriends clearly in an after-sex moment. I know that it is a tricky topic, something like “you wore a miniskirt so you basically asked for rape”. (I hope you got the comparison). I guess it really is personal anyway, I don’t like tweeting every place I go to, and I never allow geo-tagging in any social media. It just freaks me out. It must be a reminiscence from the first Internet days when even saying your real name on the internet was “dangerous”.

The Social Media Monster

Curiously enough,while the draft of this post was already half done, IFB came out with this interesting post. It is the other side of the coin, along with how should we manage all of this social media accounts. This will be a topic for another post though, cause my main topic is: what is convenient to share on our personal fashion blogs and what isn’t?

You may say it’s a personal choice, but sometimes it is truly too much, so where should we draw the line?
girls bloggers smartphone over sharing too much private life blog personal style Personal Fashion Blogs: How Much is Too Much?

  • Sharing photos of each and every room you happen to sleep in, be it yours, a friend’s or a hotel room: too much!
  • Sharing photos of your daily outfits on the social media: ok!
  • Sharing 15 photos of your daily outfit on your blog, every day: too much!
  • Talking about your boyfriend’s habits: too much!
  • Taking photos of your cat while you’re in the toilet clearly using it: too much!
  • Tweeting every time is that time of the month: too much!
  • Writing a post about your house, furniture, interiors: ok!
  • Taking pictures of every corner of your house where we can see your dirty laundry: too much!

As you can see, it really is tricky. You should double, triple, quadruple check what you’re going to post or share before you actually do it.

And in the end, we don’t wanna know how many times you hover your carpet, how many hair your boyfriend has on his chest, at what time you did wake up today, and we definitely don’t want to read about your errands. Some things are just not interesting, and some are really awkward!

Drawing Conclusions

  1. always share what you are comfortable with, but always think about consequences when you do. Do you really want strangers to know those things about yourself? Remember that anyone could be behind that screen.
  2. Think twice, and ask yourself if your readers would really find that very personal information useful or interesting!

Can you think of some things you bumped into that you really didn’t want to know? Does it bother you to read too much about someone else’s personal life? How much do you share online?

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