Hayley Williams Style
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You knew the moment was coming! As a former huge hot-pink supporter I couldn’t help talking about this colourful punk rock lady, though be deceived not: I’m not a huge fan of Paramore.

Hayley Williams Style

Hayley Williams Style

How to define Hayley Williams style: well she is the quintessential 90s kid whose real hair colour we will never be allowed to know. She rocks all the trends like the ombre maxi sweater, melting tights, statement oversized t-shirts, crazy prints leggings, Doc Martens and so on. She could be identified as a cheerful pastel grunge princess. And she’s 25. I shouldn’t feel old.

Look N° 1: the Siouxsie fan

As you might already know if you follow my “Get the Style of” column, I don’t want you to be a copycat of the style icon I’m talking about. I want you to be positively inspired and give your style a twist with some inspiration! So, do not wear this t-shirt if you don’t know who Siouxsie is. Oh, and while you’re at it, listen to some Music!

Hayley Williams Style

Siouxsie and the Banshees T-shirt 1, 2Ripped Denim ShortsPlatform Studded SneakersHot Pink and Orange TightsHot Pink Manic Panic HairdyeOrange Manic Panic Hairdye

Look N°2: the cotton candy girl

If you don’t like pink, orange and red maybe you should close this page already! That’s all she wears, and that’s all she turns her hair into: she even died her hair pink+red for the video “Still into you”.

Hayley Williams Style

White + Pink Skulls Iron Fist DressWhite Dr Martens BootsYellow Smiley Shredded SweaterHot Pink Manic Panic Hairdye Orange Tights

Look N°3: ready to fight

My favourite Hayley Williams look? “Now” video. Orange hair, white eyebrows, white make-up, military jacket, shredded shirt, skinny jeans and biker boots. First time I’ve seen it I actually thought she took a bit too much inspiration on our Yolandi Visser (super short bangs and albino look anyone?) but if that’s the trend, I welcome it with open arms.

Hayley Williams Look

Oversize Sweaters (Plenty of)Military JacketSkinny Ombre JeansVegan Studded Boots

Is there anything about Hayley Williams that we still haven’t seen? Fuck, the interwebs is chock full of this girl’s photos, outfits and what have you! Too bad Paramore’s last video “Anklebiters” is animated and doesn’t feature any of the colourful Hayley Williams looks! :( Till next time Hayley!


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