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Summer is halfway through, so I guess you’ve already bought all the bathing suits you needed, but what about diy swimsuit? I bet you still have that cute one from last year, which you unfortunately can fit in anymore. Or maybe you can see potential in that boring plain swimsuit your grandma gave you for your birthday: well, this is the place for you!
We are going to revamp your old bathing suit in a cool and perfectly à la page “bathing harness”!

All you need is:

  • elastic band –  3 cm wide
  • scissors
  • thread and needles
  • a sewing machine (possibly)
  • some metal buckles (not mandatory, I used them but you can do without them if you like!)

My DIY swimsuit

First I cut off the fastening of the bra cause it was too tight for my chest. Then I added the black elastic band on both sides and joined them with a metal buckle. First I’ve sewn them by hand, and then with the sewing machine to secure everything.
I don’t like halter tops so I sewn the two neck straps in the back part, so that they become shoulder straps. If the fabric it’s not enough you can use more elastic, and create a nice cross pattern on the back for example!


Whatever you do, remember to use a zigzag stitch , or your swimsuit will lose its elasticity.

Alright, my top is now perfect! What to do with the bottom part? It fitted perfectly, so I just added a bit of edge to it by sewing some elastic in a cross shape, and building the “harness-y” part that goes in the back and then joins again on the front.
Sew every part where elastic bands cross: this way they won’t move around!
You won’t have a perfect tan with this, but you sure will feel amazing in your diy custom bathing suit! (Come on, it’s august you’re supposed to have a tan already! ;)

You can get really crazy with elastic band, scissors and thread so get started now and create your own “bathing harness!”. Do you like the one I’ve created? What would you do differently? Would you wear a diy swimsuit?

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