Shut up if you think Fashion is not Art

If you think that fashion is not an art form, then you should 1)be ashamed 2)not be reading this blog 3)go around naked and don’t ever read a fashion magazine or be interested in fashion anymore.
Fashion is art. And like all other art forms, it only exists with the purpose of the artist enjoyment of the process of creation, and the enjoyment of the people who understand where this art is coming from.

fashion is art alessia tonolo Shut up if you think Fashion is not Art

When I used to live with my housemate, this once happened: she stared at me and stated: “I don’t believe in fashion as an art form“.
I felt like I was stabbed in the back and I preferred not to answer. Unfortunately she went on: “It’s only about society and costume, it’s not art.” I don’t know how you can ever think something like that being Italian, when Italian fashion was and strives to be a pillar of fashion as art. In support of my statement all the images in this post depicts Italian and Italy based fashion designers, mostly young emerging ones. Fashion is not art. Ha!

fashion is art aber gazzi Shut up if you think Fashion is not Art
I kept being quiet watching at the shoes on my screen that I had just showed her and that caused her giving voice to her thoughts. Her thoughts cause my brain to generate more thoughts about similarities between art and fashion.

-Art is the result of the society the artist lives in.

-Art is the expression of one, followed by a few, interpreted by many.

-Art can be about beauty or protest, minimal or rococo.

fashion is art claudia danna Shut up if you think Fashion is not Art
-Art follows and at the same time settles the preferred body shapes of whole decades.

-Art can be independent or commissioned, it can cost a lot more than its real value, or a lot less.

-The value of an art work can be determined by the artist’s fame.

-Art and artist’s celebrity is often determined by who owns a piece of art.

How many of the points above can you apply to fashion, too? Exactly. Each and every of them! Fashion is not an art form. It is art itself, in its most relevant and forward-future meaning.
I could go on forever on this subject, but I’d really like to know others opinions about it! What do you think about the issue of fashion as an art form?

fashion is art aroma30 Shut up if you think Fashion is not Art

Read how Marc Jacobs comments on the issue:

“Fashion to me is not art because it is only valid if it is lived in and worn. I make clothes and bags and shoes for people to use, not to put up on a wall and look at. I think clothes in a museum are complete death. I have seen exhibitions of the clothes of Jackie Kennedy and I am not interested in her wardrobe. I am interested in the life and the women who wore those clothes.”

I think this can be one way to see it, but only if you think about art as a boring thing in a museum. Nowadays art can come in so many shapes that this topic is not valid anymore. What do you think about it?

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