We had a Blast in Iron Fist

What to do on a Saturday sunny afternoon? I had some Iron Fist clothes and a junkyard at my disposal, so I wisely decided to gather a bunch of friends and go take some pictures! Do you recognize some of the clothes in the pictures? Yes, right! Some of them were featured in this giveaway!

MG 8148 We had a Blast in Iron Fist

We are wearing: Them Bones Pencil SkirtPeeper Creeper Blouse - Give yourself to the night Muscle Tank -  Monster in My Pocket SneakersFaded Kitty SweaterGrave Dancer Fugly Boots .  Check the rest of the collection at Iron Fist Ladies !

Photos by Marta Ulisse - Styling by Burcin Yetim - Special guests: Annalisa (blonde model) and Andrea V (who happened to be our production designer and photographer assistant for a day)  from Scenario Studios

Did you guess right about the third prize of the Iron Fist giveaway? I’ll give you an hint: I’m wearing it in these pictures, and the girl is doing something I quit almost an year ago… Got it? icon biggrin We had a Blast in Iron Fist Thanks to Iron Fist for all these amazing clothes they provided, and I’d like to invite you to read the new styleBizarre’s page about Sustainable Fashion: Iron Fist is a big star in it!

MG 8089 We had a Blast in Iron Fist

I’d also like to introduce you to my new friends, The Green Clip Extensions! I absolutely love them and I spent a fair amount of time buying+dyeing them. I bought them in a light blonde and then I dyed them in Stargazer Tropical Green. Rinsed them, blowdried them and then dyed them again in Royal Blue. The result? This nice petrol green! I love it! I used the Stargazer Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Dye I’ve got from Body Jewellery Shop. It’s the first time I’ve ever used a Stargazer hairdye buy as far as I can see it’s good enough to be tried in other colors! I’ll never know how long it lasts tho because I only colored the extensions so I won’t wash it as often as I would with my real hair!

What is your favorite item? Would you wear these clothes to the supermarket? And what about the lovely green hair? (which I call my little seaweed XD)

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