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Despite Game of Thrones threats of Winter, in the real world Summer is finally at the gates! I can’t wait to wear dresses, shorts and sandals and get a bit of a tan! Yes, I’m aware I’m white as the studio background I’m standing against. Thank you. ;D

We took these pictures to christen my friend‘s new studio: it’s such an amazing thing that people around us flourish and accomplish their lifelong passions!


What I’m wearing

Dress: JawBreaker Clothing Occult Kitties Dress
Earrings: Body Jewelry Piercing
Shoes: I think I got them on eBay or something. Forgive me, I’m the worst when it comes to outfit posts ;D

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You can win the dress in the pictures by entering the giveaway online here: it’s going to be open until Monday night (EST) so hurry up and get a chance to win! The prize includes the dress shown here and a cool black mesh jumper in your size!

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Curious about my cartilage piercings? They’re obviously fake. I have talked about fake piercings before, and you may know I’m a big fan by now! I’m also a big fan of real piercings of course, I’ve had many and my tongue piercing is the sole survivor (and my two regular ear piercings). I’ve got mine from Body Jewelry Piercing, have a look!


Hi, it's Elisa! I'm founder&blogger here on styleBizarre.com, online wizard and costume designer in the "real life". I'm a modern conscious 28 years old wanderer, freedom lifestyle advocate and spiritual enthusiast. Oh, and I'm a total cat lady.

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12 thoughts on “Summer is Coming

  1. Oh my! I’ve been eyeing fake cartilage piercings on eBay for about a month! I usually have something I focus on for a few weeks and watch them on eBay, then I save money by eventually getting tired of searching and watching and then let go… I want them now again after seeing your post :) Kudos for saying that yours is fake!

    These photos your friend took are great! I really like the print on that dress, too.


    1. Hahaha Rachel I don’t care about what people think, I wear fake piercings and I’m proud of it ahah xD I have had many real piercings and suffered a lot because of them so now it’s time for fake piercings. 😉 Anyway they’re a cool way to change your look all the time, I love them!

  2. I can’t wait for summer to start either!!! You know that song ‘I can’t wait for the weekend to begin’? You probably do and you hate it, so sorry for bringing it up.:) But there should be a song I can’t wait for the summer to begin because that’s basically all I’ve been thinking about lately. Anyway, I need to be in shorts, life is so much better when you’re in shorts.

    P.S.: You don’t look as pale as the background, babe, worry not. Not quite as pale.:P

      1. Oh man so much is happening in my life at the moment that I need another me to get this blog going XD But I am, I would never leave it. I love my little baby monster creature here. I’ll be back soon, do not fear! XD

  3. Great photos! The dress and shoes are awesome :) I love the idea of fake cartilage earrings, I think I light get myself some!
    Have a great weekend!

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