How to stay true to yourself

Have you ever asked yourself this question: if I follow the trends, am I staying true to myself? This is a big question, and the answer could be brief: there’s nothing wrong in following a trend, as long as it reflects your own personality and sense of style. Even though it’s perfectly normal to “like” things after we see them over and over again, it’s ok, it’s human. It’s human until we start following each trend that’s thrown in our face. To err it’s human, to persevere it’s diabolical.

how to stay true to yourself How to stay true to yourself

I know that this is only true for people who look at fashion as a “conceptual” thing and want to actually express something through their looks, and don’t only wear clothes because they’re cute. People who just wear clothes because they have to don’t care about following or not following trends, they just have other things to worry about. And that’s actually a good thing: we’d be all cool hunters and trend setters otherwise. Mass fashion customers are probably too busy saving lives or teaching history to worry about fashion as a form of self-expression.

Mass fashion has its own dignity, do not discriminate. I’d rather discriminate people who follow every trends and claim to be in fashion, fashionistas, fashionable, work in fashion and that they understand fashion better than other people. Having enough money to splurge on every trend change twice a season doesn’t mean being a stylist or a fashion expert.

How to stay true to yourself

  • Be true to yourself: this is the most important thing. Try to avoid telling something is beautiful only because of all your friends are drooling on it, or every fashion blogger is wearing it.
  • On the other hand, it’s ok to fall in love with those fringed kimonos you see on Lookbook all the time. Don’t make the opposite mistake, don’t be a “contrary Mary”!
  • Look back: browse old photos, poke around your closet, ask your best friends. But first and foremost ask yourself: “Would I ever have worn this a couple of years ago? Why?”
  • “Why does my outfit look so poor without a turban?” It probably doesn’t and you’d probably had laughed at someone wearing it until a couple of years ago. It’s just another embellishment for our heads, maybe we like it because it’s warm, it looks a bit like a bow, we see it in every fashion editorial… but let’s face the truth, it’s not so gracious, it looks like we’ve just came out of shower. So, why not keep wearing what we used to wear before, headbands, bows, freakin cat ears… we can change and evolve without falling for every trend.
  • Let’s make what we see “a thing of our own”: don’t wear exactly the same t-shirt as your style icon. Even if we are getting inspired by someone (which is perfectly normal), let’s do it the right way, let’s look for things that suit us more. Who knows that sequins turquoise clutch that Katy Perry is wearing would be better black for us.

This post was a re-post from 2010: I have updated it and re-posted it since it’s still very actual. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

photo credit: Scott Smith (SRisonS) - Mlle Tortue
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