Straight from your Nightmares: Akumu Ink

November 12, 2012

Neat designs, great concept and a lot of cool printed t-shirts and sweaters to wear your worst nightmares: Akumu Ink! This couple from Montreal (which lately is a city we love, isn’t it? Lots of creative minds!) started a small bussiness back in 2008, leaving everything else behind: full-time job included.

From their own words:

  • How did you start your cool printed t-shirt business?
    – Joey, the artist, used to illustrate children’s books. Finding the job unfulfilling, Joey worked with Aldora to start Akumu Ink, where nightmare-inspired designs can be created and brought to life on t-shirts as wearable art.
  • What method do you use to print your t-shirts?
    – They used to be printed by Joey in our spare bedroom, but as the company grew, we realized that outsourcing was the only way we can allow ourselves to focus on creating better artwork, expanding our product offerings and providing better customer service to our customers. Now, all our shirts are printed in California, and being managed by the both of us in Montreal.

The idea proved itself right, and the home made t-shirt are now the living room business got off the ground with more than 3000 fans only on Facebook.

Check their brilliant designs!


Which one is your favourite? Would you like to have a nightmare of yours depicted on one of these t-shirts?


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Cool brand! It’s always so refreshing and inspiring to read about creative people starting their own business 🙂


Yeah, I wish I had the guts and the stenght to do that! Well, I guess starting a blog and spending so much time on it it’s kinda the same thing! So we are owner of our own business as well! Haha!

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