JawBreaker Alternative Clothing Giveaway!

Hello my lovely bizarre people! Are you embracing Spring? I am loving the sun, laughing a lot, wearing dresses and doing everything I do with passion! If you’re not doing it I suggest you start, and I have a little help right here for you! styleBizarre and Jawbreaker clothing teamed up to offer a dress and a sweater to one lucky winner! Would you like to win? Read on!

jawbreaker alternative clothing giveaway JawBreaker Alternative Clothing Giveaway!  Giveaways

About JawBreaker Alternative Clothing

JawBreaker Clothing is a vintage inspired clothing label that was created in East London, 15 years ago. The collections are designed between our L.A. and London design teams.

JawBreaker Clothing is an infusion of retro, rockabilly, pin-up and vintage styles. The designs cater to compliment curves, bringing to the forefront for all to see and unleashing her inner vixen!

By entering the giveaway you can win a Occultist Kitties Dress and a Black Mesh Sweatshirt in your size! Enter through the Rafflecopter widget right below! The giveaway is open worldwide to 13+ entrants!

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Leave a comment if you like and I hope you’ll be the winner of our Jawbreaker alternative clothing giveaway! Continue reading

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Kickstart your Spring in 10 Moves

I hadn’t realised it was Spring until I had to move my clock forward a couple of days ago. If you live in the northern hemisphere you know what I’m talking about: getting to 7 PM with still plenty of light is such a relief! You feel like the day is not over and you still have a ton of energy to do things! The downside is that I’m never sleepy these days, but this also could be an upside. More time to be awesome! ;D

medium 71385578651 Kickstart your Spring in 10 Moves

Spring is wonderful, flowers, sun, green, lollipops and yada yada but it can also be very fatiguing for our bodies and minds. How to embrace spring as a “rebirth” moment? As you may know, I LOVE fresh starts: Septembers, New Years, Springs… You have to love these little pushes we can use to improve and relax even more.

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Trends are the Spirit of the Time

lalam0403 Trends are the Spirit of the Time LALM

What I Wish I Knew…

This week has had all kinds of lessons for me. I’ve relaunched an old blog, and realizing more than ever that things are different. Really different. There are so many things I wish I knew, perhaps that’s what I was thinking in selecting these links. Revealing secrets, sharing tales of lessons learned, fashion heroes made, these links all have a bit of wisdom in them, even if it is about a trend… because you know, trends are just the spirit of the time. Continue reading

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Top 5 Emerging Fashion Illustrators

Fashion illustrations might easily be the best thing about fashion whatsoever. Ok, this might be my opinion, but how else could you create such a wonderful, colourful and magical world? If you’re Tim Walker you may have the means to make that magical world “real”, but it usually doesn’t happen. In fashion illustration it happens all the time.

Most often than not fashion illustrators are fashion designers themselves, depicting their own collections and ideas. But fashion illustration is a career on its own, and I absolutely love discovering emerging fashion illustrators around the web.

Top 5 Emerging Fashion Illustrators

Michi Rezin is a NYC based photographer and fashion illustrator. She has so many talents I don’t know where to start telling you about her: she’s a writer, a blogger, a photographer, a designer and a fashion illustrator. And she does all these things with passion, know-how and talent.  I also love her because she drew my portrait and it’s the second time I have a portrait done ever. Have a guess: which one is my portrait among the illustrations below? Hint: it was inspired by this post’s pictures.

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Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow (if you love Unicorns)

The internet seems to be that colourful world where all the cool kids live. What if there was no internet? What would it be of that big community of bright meteors that now inhabit the blogosphere, the Twitter Lands, the Facebook Realm and the Instagram Castles?

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