14 Vegan Designer Shoes for Spring

February 10, 2016

The biggest struggle for vegashionistas is finding vegan designer shoes. I mean, the real ones. I don’t see Ferragamo or YSL making vegan shoes in the near future, so if you’re a cruelty-free fashionista you’ll have to look for the perfect pump in some other places. Some high-end shoe designers have tried collaborations with ethical and cruelty-free […]

What Everybody Should Know About Alternative Fashion

January 20, 2016

“Joining a subculture, any subculture, for whatever reason, is as I see it never a legitimate self-expression. It is always a result of sheep mentality; a wish to belong somewhere.” Varg Vikernes Alternative fashion: a topic that could drive anyone crazy, even the most prolific fashion journalist. That’s probably why I quoted Burzum in the […]

The Cat’s Meow: Kitty-Inspired Winter Fashion

January 14, 2016

Alternative fashion can include a variety of style subgenres and animal-inspired looks are definitely on the list. We’ve chosen to highlight a few cruelty-free kitty cat pieces that will look great with all of your gothic-inspired looks. And whether you’re the crazy cat lady kind or the glamorous sex kitten, you’ll definitely enjoy the purrrrfect pieces […]

New Year Resolutions Ideas (with an edge)

December 31, 2015

Have you been feeling super cranky and lazy over the last few months? I call this the New Year resolutions syndrome: you subconsciously allow yourself to procrastinate because you tell yourself that it will be the new year soon and fresh beginnings and all that jazz. Well, it’s bullshit. You’re just procrastinating, there’s no such thing […]

5 Rituals to Defeat Negativity

December 14, 2015

Rituals aren’t just for witches: they work just like mantras but give you a material object to focus your intentions on. They’re a wonderful way to take all those nasty emotions you’re bundling up and to set them free into the world. There they aren’t going to continue to creep up on you when you […]

10 Vegan Winter Boots Under $200

November 16, 2015

That time of the year has come: you desperately need a new pair of boots but all boots are made of leather, shearling or fur. Eek! What is a compassionate girl to do to keep her feet warm and safe? No worries, you have probably been looking in the wrong places. Most vegan Winter boots […]

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