Top 5 Cheap Holidays Destination for New Year’s Eve

September 29, 2015

Summer is over (booo!) and hopefully you’ve spent some time living it up at a festival or showing off a new killer bikini on some exotic beach. Now it’s time to think about plans for the autumn and winter months ahead. New Year’s Eve always comes around so quickly, leaving no time to actually arrange something good […]

My Blogging Tools Revealed

September 25, 2015

Are you wondering what tools does a professional blogger need to run her business? Wonder no more, because I’m in full disclosure mode today and I’m going to reveal all my secret weapons. Running a blog is no easy task, my friend. And it certainly is no part-time job. Well, you can manage to have […]

Declutter Your Life, Declutter Your Mind

September 21, 2015

Have you ever felt absolutely stuck and restless at the same time? These two particular feelings could be a red flag that something is blocking you in your everyday life. 9 times out of 10 that something is just clutter. Decluttering your life will definitely help you: I’ll tell you why. What is Clutter? It’s […]

16 Amazing Vegan Clothing Stores Online

September 17, 2015

Leaves are getting more yellow and rain’s getting more frequent, you know what that means? Soft pants and cozy warm sweaters indeed, and some serious shopping in the best vegan clothing stores. September and October are always crucial months for our wardrobes, as Summer clothes are stuffed into boxes and stored away for the next […]

Top 5 Books on Sustainable Fashion

August 28, 2015

I love alternative and unique fashion, I want to look stylish, but I also want to feel good about it. What makes me feel good? Knowing that whatever I choose to wear doesn’t affect anybody or anything else in a negative way. That’s why I chose to go the conscious way: conscious fashion is the […]

Kat Von D and Cecil the Lion

Ok, I’ll admit that I’ve been living under a rock lately because I wasn’t sure what to answer when my boyfriend asked me “Is Kat Von D vegan?” – “Uuhmm, well, I think her makeup brand is, I think so…”. I honestly had no idea of what was going on with her Instagram post about Cecil […]

How Yoga Changed My Life

You probably are either deciding if including a yoga practice in your daily routine or you’ve just started your yoga lessons and looking for someone to reassure you. Either way, you’re in the right place. I’m not a long-time yogini, I’ll tell you. I have started practicing hatha yoga only one year ago. It’s not […]

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