Rebranding 2014

Is it just me, or wherever I go I see people rebranding their blogs? Name changes everywhere, shifts from fashion blogging to lifestyle blogging, logo updating, graphic designers hiring like crazy! 2014 must be a year of changes, because I feel it in my veins as well. I have no longer been feeling empathy for my blog name in a while, because I feel like it’s too narrow: “bizarre” is an adjective that defines strange and weird things, and not always in a good way. Moreover, no one seems to be getting how it’s spelled right.

If that wasn’t enough, wherever I go I get mistaken with Bizarre the magazine. I talked about it here, and I’m not so happy about it.

rebranding blog change Rebranding 2014

Blogs that are rebranding

Kaelah Bee’s “Little Chef Honeybee” has changed into “The Clueless Girl’s Guide” – Zoe LDN’s “The London Lipgloss” is shifting into a lifestyle blog – Sarah’s “Catwalk Connections” is about to change and she also has a poll for you to choose your next favorite name. Can you think about more bloggers who are going through a rebranding process? 

If I told you I have no idea on how to rebrand, I’d lie. I know very well the topics I’d love to talk more about, but I feel they don’t fit with my blog name and mission anymore. I want to talk more lifestyle, more spirituality, more sustainable fashion and less parading. I want to talk love, travels, and of course personal style. There’s nothing “bizarre” about it. There surely is a fair amount of “alternative” though. That’s why I’m almost sure about what name I want to change to. I actually already had a change in styleBizarre journey, and it was in 2011 when I decided I would have started talking about a lot more than just clothes. And almost stopped talking about designers. ( I used to have a blog before styleBizarre though, and it was called “Style Pills”. Genius, right? -.-) I am restless with my Twitter and Tumblr usernames as well. I changed oh so many.

Don’t panic! Everything will stay the same, the change will be just in the name and maybe the general graphic design. There still will be everything I’ve been writing about but there will be more! More categories, more topics and possibly more writers. I’ve always wanted this place to look more like a community than a personal blog, and I feel like this shift will help it go in that direction.

rebranding blog Rebranding 2014

Rebranding Tricks&Tips

Thinking about rebranding? You will certainly need some advice by who has already been there. Put your reading glasses on and take your time going through these:

- How to tip toe through a rebranding in 8 easy steps

-To rebrand or to restart?

- Successful tales of blogger rebrands

- How rebranding grew my blog

- How I rebranded my blog

Some technical stuff which is honestly what I am mostly worried about:

How to change your domain name without losing your rankings

- Rebrand your social media profiles

- How to rebrand your entire life on line post series

But guys, honestly, when I read about 301 redirects, page ranks and stuff I am more and more convinced that I will hire someone to take care of this. I’m too scared of fucking things up!

Feeling confused? What do you think? How is that everyone is going towards a broader range of topics and mostly shifting from personal and fashion blogging to lifestyle blogging?
Is it a sign of the times?
Is it because we need more topics and we’re finally fed up with spying in other people lives?
Please join the conversation and tell us your opinion in the comments below!

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